In this blog post, we will preview the upcoming beginner/economical telemetry built in ESC from Sanwa.









SSR mode throttle response mode compatible
Basic 4 programs +8 advanced program mode equipped
Boost basic, turbo featured
High performance regulator equipment (6.0V-3.0A)
Multi-protection system equiped
It will protect the speed controller overheating from (abnormal heat generation) of and motor failure.
By setting the cut-off battery, it will be able to accommodate a variety of battery.
SSL system compatible
The corresponding transmitter and receiver (M12S, EXZES Z, paired with RX-472) and that permits real-time changes from the set value of the SUPER VORTEX SPORT by combining the transmitter, the motor rotational speed, the battery voltage, SUPER VORTEX SPORT data of the body and the motor temperature (in the case of a temperature sensor internal organs to the motor only) will be available for the telemetry communication without an external sensor.

<Technical Data>
Motor type:
Brushless motor only (sensor type)
32.0 × 35.5 × 21.0mm
Motor Limit:
8.5 or more turns (Li-Po2 cell)

This will be the first entry level ESC from Sanwa that incorporates SSL and built in telemetry which you will be able to see from the transmitter. We will be giving you more information when we receive more from the manufacturer. In the meantime, you can checkout the Sanwa SV-Plus Sport Unified .