The 2nd race of the 6 race Revolution Raceway series was held June 15, 2019. It was great to see a good group of seasoned and new racers together participating in the series. Each of the classes had a full field, with 2wd Buggy and  4wd SCT having enough racers to split those into an A & B main.

It had rained the day before, so this gave the track a good base of dampness that kept the dust down with decent traction. The track is hard in places, so Dario and George had to remove about 200 gallons of water off the track in preparation. They even found some fish in a puddle on the track (maybe dropped there by some birds??).

At the end of the race there were lots of gift certificates from Freedom Hobbies, $250 in certificates from rcMart, and Tim Hortons and Subway provided by Revolution Raceway. The results of this race are added to the Overall Series Points.

2wd Buggy A-Main: RESULTS

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1st(TQ): Kyle McKinnon, 2nd: Gregg Lawton, 3rd: Jeremy Sherriff

The 2wd buggy class turned out to be a very interesting race for 2nd. Kyle was able to get out front early and had a very consistent race to finish 1st. Gregg was able to keep with him for a few laps, but poor driving and crashes dropped him to 4th. Mark worked his way up from 6th to run in the 2nd spot, until an untimely crash, flip, and marshal error 4 corners from the finish line on the last lap. This allowed the 2 cars battling for 3rd to overtake while he was being marshalled. Gregg and Jeremy squeaked by during the incident with Gregg working his way back to 2nd, Jeremy holding 3rd, and Mark finishing a disappointing 4th.


2wd Buggy B-Main: RESULTS

In the 2wd Buggy B-Main, the top 2 of the 6 racers would bump to the A. This gives some challenge and reward to the race. At the start Mark Baird had a tough start and fell from the lead starting position and fell to 4th over the lap. Mark would regain 3rd spot but just ran out of time to get back to 2nd. With Mark having troubles, William and Zack happily moved into the 1st and 2nd positions and ran very consistently to comfortably finish and take the bump up spots.



rcMart,blog, rcMart, 2019 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway – Summer Series #2

1st(TQ) Kyle McKinnon, 2nd: Jeremy Sherriff, 3rd, Derek Bain

In 2wd SCT, Kyle continues his strangle hold on the top spot with Jeremy finishing comfortably in 2nd. The battle was then for 3rd. George left the track with a battery problem, leaving Derek(from PEI) and Mark(from Fredericton) to entertain the crowd with some close racing battles. Mark and Derek would keep the racing close with a back and forth battle, but 2/3 in to the race Mark would need a marshal. This would give Derek the chance for 3rd, and then he would drive consistently to finish 3rd for the day.



rcMart,blog, rcMart, 2019 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway – Summer Series #2

1st(TQ): Gregg Lawton, 2nd: Gordon Mercer, 3rd: Dario Paoletti

4wd SCT was another class that had a surprise ending. Gregg had the hot setup and led the field from the tone to take 1st. The real battle was for 2nd which was fought over by 3 racers. From the tone Derek would jump into 2nd early, but Dario would catch and pass for the 2nd spot. What Dario and Derek did not realize was that Gordon was planning to take that spot as well, and by mid-race Gordon would work his way past both racers to take 2nd. Dario would pressure Gordon for the spot from then on, eventually regaining 2nd with 2 laps to go. Both drivers had a tumble on the last corner of the last lap as they pushed hard for the spot, and when the dust settled Gordon would take the coveted 2nd spot with Dario finishing 0.118 seconds behind in a photo finish!



Bump-up: Mat Leblanc(superman), James Fenton(mr last place)

In the 4wd SCT B-Main the top 2 racers would bump to the A. At the start James would have a rough starting lap and this let Zack by to lead the race. Mat Leblanc was working his way from the 3rd spot to catch and pass James for 2nd, and then he would catch and pass Zack and take 1st. Zack then tried to hold on to the 2nd bump spot but James had his heart set on it and made the pass on the last lap.


1/8 E-Buggy A-Main: RESULTS

rcMart,blog, rcMart, 2019 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway – Summer Series #2

1st(TQ): Mark McKinnon, 2nd: Zack Bernard, 3rd: Dario Paoletti

In 4wd E-Buggy, Mark was the class leader taking both the TQ and the 1st place finish almost lapping the field in the final. In this race the battle would be for the remaining positions on the podium. Early in the race, Zack would improve from his 6th place starting position to move into the 2nd spot. In 2nd he would have a very consistent race and would hold it to the finish. Dario was driving an unfamiliar buggy he borrowed. He would struggle with early crashes in the race, but would find some speed and consistency to finish 3rd.


1/8 E-Truggy A-Main: RESULTS

rcMart,blog, rcMart, 2019 Cap-Pele Revolution Raceway – Summer Series #2

1st(TQ): Chris Flewelling, 2nd: William Muirhead, 3rd: Mat Leblanc

In 1/8 E-Truggy, Chris would have a very consistent day to take the TQ, and finish easily in 1st a lap up over the field. Derek Bain would have a disappointing start with a servo failure just as the race began to take him out of contention. This gave the chance for William to take the 2nd spot. Mat would battle Mike early for the 3rd spot, and after that battle Mike would retire with battery issues.

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Congratulations to all winners, See you all in next event!

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