Rêve D had introduced thier the new super-precision machine cut SPM titanium screws. The titanium fasteners are cut from high-quality material for low weight and exceptional stability and durability and they are available in several variants including 2-piece servo screw sets, 2-piece motor mount screw kits, a 2-piece wing mount set, as well as 4-piece M2x5mm cap and M4x8mm set screw kits.

*SPM – Super-Precision Machine

Let’s check out it now!

RT-001 [SPM Titanium Servo Screw (2 pieces)]

When fixing the servo, a built-in collar with a diameter of 4.3mm is provided at the base of the M3 screw to facilitate the perfect positioning of the servo with ease.
In addition, the shape of the screw head has a base with a diameter of 7mm, eliminating the need to use washers.
The beautiful design is another highlight of these screws for dressing up your machine.

<Dimensions of each part>
◆ Screw head Pedestal diameter: Φ7.0mm
◆ Root cylindrical part with M3 screw: Diameter Φ4.3mm, length 2.0mm
◆ M3 screw length: 6.0mm

RT-002 [SPM titanium motor screw (2 pcs)]

By setting the shape of the screw head to a base with a diameter of 7mm, it is possible to securely fix the motor without using a washer.
If it can be used for parts where you want to fix parts firmly beside the motor, reliable fixing will be possible.
The beautiful design is another highlight of these screws for dressing up your machine.

<Dimensions of each part>
◆ Screw head Pedestal diameter: Φ7.0mm
◆ M3 screw length: 7.0mm

RT-003 [SPM titanium wing screw (2 pieces)]

By setting the screw head to a low profile head type with a height of 1.2 mm and a diameter of 7.8 mm, the wing can be fixed securely whilst looking awesome!
These screws are ideal for not only fixing polycarbonate wings of racing cars, but also fixing wings of drifting cars to optional metal wing mounts.
In addition to fixing the wing, it can also be used for various purposes where a low profile screw is required.

<Dimensions of each part>
◆ Screw head height: 1.2mm
◆ Screw head diameter: Φ7.8mm
◆ Hexagon hole size: 1.5mm
◆ M3 screw length: 5.0mm

RT-004 [SPM titanium M2 x 5mm cap screw (4 pieces)]

SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium M2 × 5mm cap screw.
The M2 x 5mm cap screw has been produced with high precision cutting using lightweight / high rigidity titanium material.

Effective in reducing the weight of the suspension and drive train.
The beautiful appearance is perfect for dressing up your machine.

RT-005 [SPM titanium M4 x 8mm set screw (4 pieces)]

SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) titanium screw series M4 x 8mm set screw.
We have produced an M4 x 8mm set screw using high-precision cutting with our lightweight / high-rigidity titanium material.

The tip has a smooth design with no edges, so it is ideal for down stop/droop screws commonly used  in racing.
Replacing with a lightweight titanium screw is effective in reducing the weight of the suspension arms.

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