Rêve D has introduced the first products in the form of the RS-ST digital high-torque drift car servo and the RS-PGC USB programming dongle.

Let’s check out it now!

Introduction Video

Video Credit: Team RêveD @YouTube Channel

Starting with the RS-ST servo, it features an IRC motor for super high torque values while offering very smooth operation as it is needed for controllable counter steering angles during competitive drift car driving. An aluminum middle case makes for good heat dissipation while offering a low weight. Due to the servo’s high-torque specification, it is 2.5mm taller than usual low-profile types.

– Voltage: 4.8V-7.4V
– Torque: 18kg-cm
– Dimensions: 40.8×20.2×30.1mm
– Weight: 48.5g
– Servo spline: 25T

Also new is the PS-PGC USB programming dongle for the Rêve D servos. The device allows to adjust speed, torque, boost, dead band and curve settings in order to fine-tune the steering characteristics to the driver’s liking and skills.

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