Samix announced that the 2.25mm carbon fiber chassis set for T4’19 is coming Soon. Of an updated design the chassis is made of matte finish carbon fiber and it offers additional mounting positions for the recently introduced optional brass front balance weights. On top of that, the chassis comes with a black anodized aluminum fan mount for 40mm fan units.

Let’s check out it now!

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Quick Features

  • Have front weight hole for Samix front brass balance weight (suitable for Samix front balance weight 5g 10g 15g)
  • High-quality carbon fiber material Matte finishing
  • 40mm fan mount included

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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Samix Brass Front Balance Weight 5g each 2 pcs Black For Xray T4 2019 Samix Chassis #T4-19-4070-5
Samix Brass Front Balance Weight 10g each 2 pcs Black For Xray T4 2019 Samix Chassis #T4-19-4070-10
Samix Brass Front Balance Weight 15g each 2 pcs Black For Xray T4 2019 Samix Chassis #T4-19-4070-15


Available in 5g, 10g or 15g variants the weights are designed to add weight to the front part of the chassis, reducing oversteering and making for a more controlled ride in certain track conditions. The weights are designed exclusively for the use with Samix #T4-19-1001s carbon fiber and #T4-19-7001s aluminum chassis and they come black anodized and with etched markings.

Quick Features
  • Made of high-quality brass and etched with the weight of the gram
  • Black coating to help prevent corrosion

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Xray T4 2019 Specs Luxury 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit #XR-300025

The all-new T4’19 chassis was redesigned to accommodate a new front chassis brace. The front brake can be easily installed on the chassis to eliminate side flex at the chassis front, thus improving steering response and making the car more predictable. The 2.2mm thick chassis is CNC-machined from premium-grade graphite material. The chassis features pre-drilled holes for optional parts such as chassis weights, graphite motor guard, graphite adjustable battery holder.

Quick Features

  • All-new chassis to accommodate new front chassis brace
  • All-new removable front chassis brace for improved steering response
  • All-new XRAY’s unique BPA system – Body Position Adjustment
  • All-new front adjustable body mounts with eccentric mounting for Body Position Adjustment
  • And more…

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