Samix announced that the short aluminum bumper mount for SCX10 II is coming soon. The item comes machined from high-quality aluminum and it incorporates an adjustable servo mount, relocating the steering servo to the front of the vehicle while maintaining the correct steering geometry. The mount is usable with most standard-size servos and aluminum servo washers allow for a more secure mounting. The bumper mount is available in three different colors and it sports a laser-etched logo for looks.

Let’s check out it now!

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Quick Features

  • Relocates servo to the front of the vehicle while maintaining the correct geometry
  • Adjustable of servo mount allows the use of the most common servos without modification
  • Provides improved front-end rigidity
  • Allows bumper to sit closer to the front of rails, reduce 4mm compare original bumper mount, reduce touch ground chance
  • Aluminum servo washers allow more secure servo mounting
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Laser etched logo

Don’t miss the SCX10 II!

Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee 1/10 4WD Rock Crawler Kit #AX90046

The Axial SCX10 II retains the spirit of the SCX10 with its all-metal twin c-channel frame rails. But the frame rails are only 2% of this completely fresh design. Scale AR44 high pinion axles, a chassis mounted servo (CMS), re-designed transmission with transfer case, front mounted battery tray, aluminum suspension links that use M4 hardware, and a suspension design that creates nearly zero bump steer. These are just a few of the features built into the SCX10 II.

Video Credit: axialvideos @YouTube Channel

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