Sanwa announced that the offical suggestion in setting PGS-CL2 Servo #107A54516A for a drifter!

Let’s check out it now!

・STRECT 30→20
・BRAKE 10→40
・MV-HLD 2→0
・MV-FRQ 80→100

Sanwa PGS-CL2 Low Profile SXR Response 0.08sec 16.6kg 7.4V Coreless Servo #107A54516A


  • Programmable Servo to be compatible with SSL & Telemetry at Launch
  • Setting Adjustment by wireless from Radio
  • Setting Adjustment to connect Servo with Setting Gear
  • Regarding Temperature, Current, Voltage and Volume Position on Servo inside, Telemetry-transmission can be passed to Radio.
  • FH5U: SXR(Sanwa Xtreme Response) Mode-Compatible
  • SSL-Compatible Programmable Servo
  • And more…

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