Sanwa has released a new radio model after the highly popular model – Sanwa M12S.  The new flagship radio system ‘Sanwa M17’ is flaunting high-end radio system and well-using experience ever. There have a great improvement in appearance and using performance. 

Sanwa M17 + RX-491 Radio Set 2.4GHz 101A32471A-02

M17 transmitter is using the lightweight design of the MT-4 series, it eliminates the old image with the bulky appearance of highly popular M12S. The weight of M17  (around 510g) be decreased  21%, compare with M12.

Sanwa M17 + RX-491 Radio Set 2.4GHz 101A32471A

For the terms of specification, M17 flagship model will contain the new telemetry-ready FH5 system. M17 comes with a color LCD screen, it enables to control through a separate touchpad.  It supports Micro SDHC card compatible. Others features, M17 is using 4.2V Lipo 1 cell battery adoption and 2.4GHz radio system.


  • 20% faster than M12S
  • ‘FH5’Technology
  • Weight 21% less (510g) than M12S (610g)
  • 4-Channel Rx included
  • Color Display
  • Touchpad
  • Compatible with Micro SDHC
  • Multi-Setting Gear Function
  • Detachable Throttle Unit
  • Position OptimizationFull Adjustable Trigger
  • And More


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