Sense Innovations introduced SENSE INNOVATIONS Real Engine Sound Simulator #ESS-ONE because #ESS-PRO is going to be discontinued and shall be replaced by #ESS-PRO.

#ESS-PRO is now going on sale, check out both items here:

Let’s take a quick look at the New #ESS-ONE!

  • Can Download and use other sound effect with RC/PLUS app
  • Can Upload Custom Engine Voice and other sound effect
  • Real reproduction of engine sound
  • Intelligent state tracking compensation, similar to the real vehicle, aircraft, the movement of sound
  • Through the design of the high-powered speakers, speakers and custom make sure small premise has the very good sound field
  • Support R/C PLUS APP For: Uploading voice, the firmware upgrade
  • Weight:90 g
  • Size: 93.5 mm X 48 mm X 30.5 MM

sense-innovations-ESS-ONE-06 sense-innovations-ESS-ONE-07 sense-innovations-ESS-ONE-08 sense-innovations-ESS-ONE-09 sense-innovations-ESS-ONE-010 sense-innovations-ESS-ONE-011