Serpent Team Driver – Naoki Akiyama had uploaded the setting sheet about his 4X Pro, it may a good guide for the touring car lovers.

Let’s check out the setting sheet now!


Don’t miss the 4X PRO!

Serpent 1/10 Project 4X PRO Touring Car Kit EP #400032

serpent, 400032, 4X PRO

The Serpent Project 4X PRO 1/10th scale touring car is the evolution of the 4X EVO. A part of the Project 4x series, this kit shares all features of the 4x Evo, including the same easy to install shock system and fixed-length pull-rods. The vertical top-deck has been replaced by a horizontal topdeck, giving a more aggressive steering on high grip surfaces. The rear suspension is heavily modified with much longer arms and updated geometry to create better steering and a wider set up on medium to high grip asphalt. For maximum rear stability and steering precision there is a fixed-toe rear wheel carrier included with the kit. The Project 4X Pro provides more flexibility and improved performance on any surface!

Quick Features

  • Updated rear suspension.
  • Race proofed with multiple ETS A final results and Podium at the IFMAR World Championship.
  • Fixed-toe rear for stock racing with maximum rear stability and precision, both fixed and adjustable link options included in the kit.
  • Keyed topdeck for reduced risk of chassis tweak
  • And more…

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