Serpent will introduce the Spyder SRX2 Gen3 1/10th scale 2WD Buggy Kit that More Slimmer, More Stylish, Tougher, Faster what produced with the advice from Top world drivers! The result is the Gen3 whose updated chassis provides optimal flex characteristics and has pockets to add weight throughout to fine-tune weight distribution. An updated geometry front and rear based on the latest innovations plus lots of adjustabilities will guarantee racers can find the perfect setup easily while providing room to adapt to future trends.

Let’s check out the car now!

rcmart blog Serpent Spyder SRX2 Gen3 110th scale 2WD Buggy Kit - More Slimmer, More Stylish, Tougher, Faster (1)

Closer Look!

Quick Features

– Updated chassis with raised chassis sides for improved stiffness
– Optional chassis balance weights
– Updated side pods and separated bulkhead supports
– Carbon fibre chassis stiffeners
– New front end construction with updated bulkhead and camber link mount
– Reinforced bellcranks and Ackermann plates
– New straight design front lower arms & shock tower
– New C-hubs & steering blocks
– Adjustable front roll centre
– Increased space for electronics & battery
– Newly designed 3-gear transmission with quick diff & layshaft release
– Rear suspension with new narrow rear pivots
– Fully adjustable rear uprights with track width, axle position & roll centre adjustment
– Front mounted rear shock absorbers
– New ball joints & ball studs utilising anti-friction material
– New body shell

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