This New Toro Beast 200A Brushless ESC is an upgrade of TORO EX200A for 1/5 scale car. It is usable with 4S to 8S LiPo packs and comes with a 6 /7.4V@15A BEC system and can be widely programmed by Program box or SKYLINK USB interface.

More advantages are featured in the Toro Beast 200A after the upgrade. One of the main feature is it is a BEC ESC, and the BEC is adjustable with 6V/15A or 7.4V/15A. It also has the new high performance heat dissipation power boards, bearings and lowest resistance . It can easily runs up to 10 horse power range applications with these advanced features.



Users can pre-set and store 10 sets of profiles in the ESC. These data could be called out for application at any time without any special program setting. The user could also reset the profile according to his request.

The firmware can be updated by connecting the ESC with PC or smartphone.

Programming Method:

The ESC can be programmed by program box, PC (connected with SKYLINK) or smart phone via Wi-Fi module.

1. PC via SKYLINK (optional part SK-600013)

2. Smart Phone via Wi-Fi Module (optional part SK-600075)

3. Program Box (optional part SK-300046)


– Built-in high power BEC. The Output voltage of built-in BEC is selectable between 6.0V and 7.4V and with 15A Maximum output current

– Support LiPo batteries up to 8S

– Data Logging: The controller can measure and record parameters such as your battery volts,amp draw, motor rpm, and controller temperature

– Red copper connector is used internally of the ESC. It can decrease the internal resistance at high current situation

– Heat transfer: The internal resistance can be reduced by laminated copper stack control technology so that the dynamic thermal equilibrium can be got

– Low voltage protection

– Motor and ESC overheat protection

– Signal lost protection


For more information about the SKYRC 1/5 EX 200A ESC and see when you can get it at rcMart? Please stay tuned!
[Source: SKYRC]