The Speed Passion x Tresrey SP-1 F1 Pro Kit is a special edition of Speed Passion’s ‘standard’ SP-1 kit issued by Japanese Speed Passion distributor Tresrey. The box contains the exact same parts as the conventional SP-1 kit but aluminium parts anodised in Tresrey’s signature red colour.

The car is based on a 3mm carbon fibre main chassis with a 2mm upper deck, 2mm suspension plate and 2.5mm carbon power pod plate.

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SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-4 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-5 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-6 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-7 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-8 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-9 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-10 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-11 SpeedPassion-Tresrey-SP-1-12