We don’t want Summer to end just yet, do we?

People look forward to the round 2 giveaway is coming now! In the round 2 – Bingo Card Game, one selected winner will get a free Gmade GS02 “BOM”. Let’s check out how this game going on.

Round 2  Giveaway Challenge – Bingo Card Game


The Bingo Card Game will start from 17 Aug to 29 Aug. In this game, rcMart will upload one photo on official facebook. The photo is the Bingo Card have known numbers which broken spaces on the card. There is three potential number to win the game. Participant needs to guess what is the next draw number. After you figured out the number, you need to write down the answer on the comment then caption it in ‘ The answer is XX! and tag ‘3’ people on your post. Remember to add a hashtag – ‘rcMart2018bcgiveaway’ in your post. The result will be posted on the rcMart newsletter.

Let’s follow the steps to win a Free Gmade GS02 “BOM”.

The Gmade GS02 “BOM” now pre-ordering on rcMart, the prize will be given after the stock arrived. (ETA: End of August 2018)

Channel :rcMart Facebook & IG

  1. Watch the one photos on rcMart official Facebook (IG will upload half version only)
  2. Guess the next draw number
  3. Write down your answer in the comment box of the post (rcMart Facebook)
  4. Comment ‘The answer is XX! and  tag three friends
  5. Add a hashtag ‘rcMart2018bcgiveaway’
  6. rcMart will randomly select one qualified participant and announced on the newsletter
  7. rcMart will contact the winner for prize arrangement

The concept of Bingo Gmade


A sample of comment


There is a sample of comment Bingo Card Game.

Check List

  • Answer (What is the next draw number you guess?)
  • Three Friend3
  • Add  a hashtag #rcmart2018bcgiveaway

Qualified Participant – Peter, Adam, Mart, Tom, Jason

The participant – Ken is unqualified as the hashtag missed.


(Winner has to pay for the shipping)

  • Friends tagged by the winner will get $20 store credit (3 Max)

All participants are required to complete all the steps in order for their entry to be considered eligible. rcMart reserve all the right to confirming the eligibility for competition to all participants and champion selection process.

**rcMart reserve all the rights of this event**

Terms & Conditions:

  1. This round of the giveaway will end on 29 Aug 2018.
  2. The prize winners will be announced in 3 working days after the competition ends.
  3. Winners will be announced in our email newsletter.
  4. rcMart reserves all the final rights to this campaign.
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Let’s enjoy the summer with us! Hope you all having FUN in this SUMMER time!

— rcMart We Help People Have Fun with RC


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