Tamiya just released the picture of TRF102 Chassis Kit in their Blog.

According to Tamiya, the TRF102 chassis kit is adopted new T-bar-type rear suspension for independent control the roll and pitch to exhibit excellent road surface follow-up in the race “TRF102 chassis kit” appeared! Tamiya Grand Prix, etc., in a variety of road conditions, it is 2WD Formula chassis has been developed so that it can be exhibited consistently high driving performance. And equipped with a roll point ball and pitching shaft, adopted the new T-bar-type rear suspension that the roll and pitch can be completely independently control each. I will deliver outstanding road surface follow-up. Furthermore traction battery floating mount fixed to 2.0mm thick carbon upper deck. I pull out the center on both sides cut of 2.5mm thick carbon Lower deck put the bending to the maximum.. We believe that the performance of the TRF102 will be much improve due to its all new features.

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