Tamiya has released the information of new Mercedes-Benz G 500 1/10 CC-02 4×4 chassis. Tamiya off-road chassis line-up – CC-02! Its first model comes with a brand new body that depicts the Mercedes-Benz G 500, a 2018 addition to the German auto giant’s legendary G Class that was powered by a 4-liter V8 twin turbo engine.

About the model

  • This is a 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 455mm, width: 196mm, height: 207mm. Wheelbase: 267mm.
  • The boxy form of the G 500 is recreated accurately in polycarbonate, with separately moulded parts included for the front grille, side mirrors and spare tire cover.
  • Designed for a wide range of off-road scenes including rocky terrain, the CC-02 chassis’ ladder frame is inspired by full-size vehicles and is the base for its superior durability.
  • A 4WD setup employs the motor longitudinally behind the front axle, with separated gearbox and transfer case, and propeller shafts transmitting power to the differential gears front and rear.
  • Twenty gear ratios (Yes 20!) between 11.09:1 and 29.28:1 are possible using separately sold pinion gears, for fine-tuning!
  • 4-link rigid suspension is employed front and rear, with CVA oil dampers.
  • DIFFERENTIAL GEARS 3-bevel differential gears not only give smooth drive, they can also be locked (with reassembly) for driving on poor surfaces.
  • AXLE HOUSINGS Housings enclose a central differential gear and axle shafts in a rigid setup that lets the model take on rough terrain with ease: if one wheel rises, the other is pushed downward to help the model gain traction
  • GEARBOX Power from the motor is routed via the realistic looking gearbox and transfer case, from its propeller shafts to the differential gears, and finally to the wheels.
  • 4-LINK SUSPENSION A rigid setup employs 4 plastic link arms on each axle housing and four oil dampers. This ergonomic design offers superior durability and the ground clearance for peace of mind on undulating off-road terrain.

Stay tuned for more information.

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