Tamiya announced that the new addition to the legendary Tamiya Racing Factory series – TRF420 Chassis Kit will be released very soon. It will also be released with a range of option parts including the alloy lower deck.

Let’s check out it now!

42345 TRF420 Chassis kit
42346 TRF420 Wheel Axles (2 Pcs.)
42347 TRF420 Carbon Upper Deck
42348 TRF420 Carbon Lower Deck
42349 TRF420 Carbon Upper Deck 1.75mm
42350 TRF420 Aluminum Lower Deck
51636 TRF420 3x43mm Suspension Shafts (4 Pcs.)
51637 TRF420 3×25/22mm Suspension Shaft (2 Pcs.)
51638 TRF420 C-Parts (Front Uprights)
51639 TRF420 D-Parts (Suspension Arms)
51640 TRF420 E -Parts (Rear Uprights)
51641 TRF420 F-Parts
51642 TRF420 Front Direct Pulley (37T)
51643 TRF420 Diff Pulley & Case (37T)
51644 TRF420 B-Parts (Bumper)
51645 TRF420 K-Parts (Bearing Holders)
51646 TRF420 Rear Belt (62T)
54886 TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set

The 59th All Japan Model and Hobby Show will hold on September 27th, 2019, Tokyo. Stay tuned if there are any TRF420 Information released on that day.

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