Tamiya America had conducted an introduction video about the TRF Super Short Dampers #54878 & TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set  #54886 These parts are a direct fit and require no additional modifications and are designed to boost the performance of your ride.

Let’s check out the video now!

Video Credit: Tamiya USA @YouTube Channel

Tamiya TRF Super Short BB Damper Upgrade Set #54878

Tamiya #54878

This is Tamiya TRF Super Short BB Damper Upgrade Set. These parts give your TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers an overhaul, which includes the completely redesigned set of V Parts plus dedicated new cylinder cap and 5.8mm damper ball connector nuts. Not only will they give more setup options, the new designs and material also boost durability and damper performance.

Find out more: https://bit.ly/2nUGc79

Tamiya TRF419 Suspension Upgrade Set #54886

Tamiya 54886

  • Boost the performance and toughness of your TRF419 design suspension with this comprehensive set!
  • Front uprights are now a two-piece design with separate arm and bearing housing components.
  • Front hub carriers give 4 degrees of caster angle and employ 3mm diameter suspension shafts to help handle driving at the limits. Flanged tubes are now an identical design top and bottom.
  • Suspension arm designs have been revisited, and employ aluminum bushings to allow tweaking of damper attachment position without exhange of arm parts.
  • Rear uprights also employ 3mm suspension shafts and have had adjustments made to the bearing position, bringing the about super-smooth motion.

Compatible Chassis
TA07 PRO, TB Evo.7, TB-05 PRO, TRF419, TRF419X & TRF419XR Chassis

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