TT01 vs. TT01 E By Andrew Kuntze

The TT01 has long been known as a great kit for beginner and expert drivers alike. The kit features a rugged 4wd platform to help novice drivers learn the basics of radio control at a low cost, while allowing more advanced users to choose from a wide variety of hop up options to use on the track. In 2008, the Tamiya engineers took this great platform and added new parts to create the "Enhanced" version of the TT-01, dubbed the TT-01 Type E, or TT-01E. This next generation TT-01E features many improvements over its predecessor, while retaining the key features that make the TT-01 platform so popular.

Newly designed front uprights (A parts) have been added to improve the handling of the chassis. These new uprights are made from a polycarbonate plastic material, which reduces play, in turn, making steering and handling sharper and more precise.

A new upper deck has also been added to increase the overall rigidity of the chassis; this solid foundation yields to better handling and provides a more responsive racing chassis. The upper deck also incorporates a new transponder mount for those that wish to race their car.

The redesigned upper deck features a motor guard to prevent new hobbyist from touching a hot motor and possibly burning a finger.

The steering system has been completely redesigned to feature the race proven TA05 steering system. This racing inspired steering system helps to provide less play and more precise steering response.

New front and rear shock towers are now molded separately from the gear case covers. This improvement makes maintenance much simpler. Now mechanics will have direct access to the front and rear gear boxes without removing the shocks.

New Hop Ups:
Along with the new standard features above, the TT-01E has inspired the engineers at Tamiya to develop more hop-ups for racing. Combining these new hop-ups along with existing TT-01 hop-ups can provide racers with an even better chance of finishing in the winners circle.

Ball Bearing Set – 54025
With the new designs incorporated into the chassis, a new bearing set was created to replace the stock plastic bushings supplied in the kit. The ball bearings are one of the easiest upgrades to free up the drive-train of the TT-01E and make the car more efficient for less power loss..
Aluminum Propeller Shaft and Joint Set – 54026
The newly designed aluminum propeller shaft also comes with an aluminum front and rear joint set to replace all of the stock plastic parts in the center driveline. These parts will further improve the efficiency of the drive-train to reduce power loss. Keeping the drive-train as efficient as possible is the key to getting the most out of your motor.
Aluminum Steering Set – 54058
If the newly designed steering wasn't an improvement enough, you can take it to the next level with this aluminum steering set. This set will make the steering of the TT-01E more precise than the stock plastic pieces. Upgrading the steering will also put less strain on the servo and increase its life..
Front Carbon Damper Stay – 54059
With the implementation of the new two piece gear case covers, you are now able to upgrade the damper mounts to these new 3mm carbon pieces. Like the TRF cars it is inspired by, this new damper stay offers another adjustment for the suspension. In addition, when paired with dampers from the M Chassis Aluminum Damper Set (54000), you can use the new generation of low nose bodies as seen on the TA05 IFS and TB03 chassis.
Rear Carbon Damper Stay – 54060
Like the front damper stay, the rear piece is made from the same 3mm carbon that offers you the ability to change the angle of the dampers and have greater adjustability when you go racing. Unlike the front, the rear damper stay can be used with any Tamiya touring car damper set.

With the enhancements made to the new TT-01E, and the new variety of hop up options that you have to choose from, the TT-01E will continue to be very popular among beginner and expert drivers alike.

Source: TamiyaUSA

TT-01 / TT-01E Conversion Kit Upgrade version (#CK-TT01/E-BU)

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