Tamiya announced that the Toyota Hilux mountain rider is coming soon. The first version was released in 1992. The body is made of resin and is a pickup style equipped with twin tube roll bar. This is the Tamiya Toyota Mountain Rider 4×4 Pick-Up 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric Truck Kit. The Toyota 4×4 Pick-Up Mountain Rider features a realistic 3-speed transmission and a solid axle leaf spring suspension. The original layout of the Mountaineer chassis has been kept while modern improvements have been discretely incorporated to bring added fun and function. This is a special re-release of the popular Mountaineer R/C kit, under a new name. The re-vamped 4×4 chassis is the same as the reliable unit used in the 2012 re-release of the Toyota Bruiser.

Let’s check out it now!


Quick Features

  • Chassis: Ladder type, constructed of steel, front metal under guard
  • Drive: Solid axle driveline, die-cast axle housings, 4WD 1st gear, 2WD 2nd & 3rd gears
  • Transmission: Three-speed, die-cast case, planetary gear for optimum ratio, metal dog clutch, shift forks & plastic gears combine to deliver smooth gear changes
  • Differentials: Gear type, may be locked for greater off-road performance
  • Shocks: Oil-filled
  • Motor: 540 brushed
  • Body: Two-piece ABS molded plastic, clear windshield
  • And more…

Stay tuned for more information about The Toyota Hilux Mountain Rider.


Some future Tamiya RC items to be presented at upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019 in Germany. The Nuremberg International Toy Fair is the largest international trade fair for toys and games held annually since 1949.

Following are the list of all Future RC Items Tamiya will be Presented

47394 Mountain Rider
47397 HKS Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01E)
58666 Comical Hornet (WR-02CB)
586xx Ford Mustang GT4
84436 M-07R Chassis Kit

42332 TRF SSBB Damper Pistons Blank (4pcs)
42333 TRF419XR Aluminum Lower Deck
42334 TRF419XR Carbon Upper Deck (1.75mm)
47395 TA02 Center One-Way Set
51612 TS050 HYBRID Body
51614 Ford Mustang GT4 Body
54855 5.5 x 0.5mm POM Spacer (4pcs)
54861 Rally Block Tires (soft/2pcs)
54862 Alu Servo Step Screws (4pcs)
54863 Alu Hi-Torque Servo Saver Cap
54864 Multipurpose Driver Figure
54865 Ribbed F Bubble Tires Soft 2pcs
54866 Ribbed R Bubble Tires Soft 2pcs
54867 Aluminum Skid Guard (WR-02CB)

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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