It’s that time of year where Team Xray announces new details of their Electric Touring Car contender for the next season. In this blog we go over what has been updated in the Xray T4 2018!

T4 2018 New Features Explained

First up, are 51mm ECS driveshafts; said to give the perfect balance between stability and steering. Compared to the previous lengths, the 50 and 52mm these sit perfectly in between the two lengths!T4 2018 New Features Explained

An updated In-Line Chassis Flex adjustment allows for more fine tuning and has proven itself by helping Xray grab the top qualifier spot at this year’s world championship!T4 2018 New Features Explained

A redesigned layshaft bulkhead allows the topdeck to flex more near the layshaft area by removing one of the screw holes.T4 2018 New Features Explained

The updated motor mount plate gives drivers two more holes to control the center line flex in the area near the spur gear area.T4 2018 New Features Explained

A slightly updated topdeck gives more consistent flex by removing two screw holes near the layshaft area.
T4 2018 New Features Explained

The chassis has been updated with holes to accommodate the new parts and with equal cutouts left and right moved towards the center to allow for the motor to be moved even further towards the center.T4 2018 New Features Explained T4 2018 New Features Explained

What can be said as the biggest change this year was the introduction of the Ultra Low Profile shock set. Measuring in at 4mm lower than their last iteration of their low profile shocks!

Whilst just comparing the 17 and the 18 version of the T4’s there may be not many visual differences, but when you look closely you can see a lot of parts have been further optimized for better performance! Preorder the Xray T4 2018 today and don’t miss out on launch day!