The 3rd Crawler Championship Hong Kong Open had completed successfully. This championship was organized by rcMart and it aims to gather Hong Kong crawler lovers to promote Hong Kong RC culture. rcMart has been delighted with so much support from different organizations. It wouldn’t have been possible without all your support. The major achievement for the event was to bring people together and enjoy RC!

Let’s revisit the 1.9 Final Round now!

The result of 1.9 Final Round 

Top 11
1. Dennis (Winner – 2:46:47)
2. Don (1ST Winner Up – 3:16:00)
3. Ben (2nd Winner Up – 3:20:32)
4. Lawrence Wong (4:08:68)
5. Ho Kwok Yung (4:12:03)
6. Danny Ng (4:38:32)
7. Chan Kwing Hei (4:47:12)
8. Ka Wing Chui (5:14:78)
9. Sherman Tam (5:25:85)
10. Li Hin Chung (6:02:18)
11. Faye Chui (6:21:19)

Racing Video – Dennis


Racing Video – Don


Racing Video – Ben


Racing Video – Lawrence Wong


Racing Video – Ho Kwok Yung


Racing Video – Danny Ng


Racing Video – Chan Kwing Hei


Racing Video – Ka Wing Chui


Racing Video – Sherman Tam


Racing Video – Li Hin Chung


Racing Video – Faye Chui

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