The 3rd Crawler Championship Hong Kong Open is finally completed. rcMart has been delighted with so much support from different organizations. It wouldn’t have been possible without all your support. The major achievement for the event was to bring people together and enjoy RC! The highlight video of this event is coming soon on rcMart social media, stay tuned for more information! You can revisit the 1.9 group and 2.2 group final round – live record on rcMart official Facebook too!

With no further ado, let’s have a quick look at the event!

DSC06642 DSC06643 DSC06644 DSC06646 DSC06651 DSC06669 DSC06673 DSC06675 DSC06677 DSC06678 DSC06679 DSC06682 DSC06683 DSC06685 DSC06687 DSC06691 DSC06694 DSC06695 DSC06701 DSC06704 DSC06706 DSC06710 DSC06713 DSC06719 DSC06722 DSC06725 DSC06728 DSC06730 DSC06731 DSC06732 DSC06733 DSC06735 DSC06736 DSC06741 DSC06742 DSC06751 DSC06752 DSC06753 DSC06756 DSC06761 DSC06769 DSC06773 DSC06775 DSC06778 DSC06779 DSC06784 DSC06789 DSC06790 DSC06794 DSC06796 DSC06802 DSC06807 DSC06808 DSC06809 DSC06810 DSC06812 DSC06813
DSC06817 DSC06818 DSC06822 DSC06828 DSC06830 DSC06833DSC06815

See you all in next year!

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