The Round 3 of One Ten Series presented by Infinity had been completed successfully in last weekend, 1/12/2018 – 2/12/2018. It is an exciting competition. Akio Sobue – the RC World Drivers had joined the One Ten Series. Akio Sobue put in a dominant performance in what was mostly a precessional race in the Sweep Modified class at TRC this afternoon. Never really challenged, the Japanese driver was able to pull clear of the chasing pack early on and build up a substantial lead by the end.
Xpress had sponsored this event and Xpress Team Member – Carven Chow used Xpress XQ1 to join the game.

let’s check out this event now!


Akio Sobue  – the RC World Drivers picked the new product from OCRA that the new motor and ESC (OE1) in the One Ten Series Competition in TRC, Hong Kong. The high-performance of gears enable Akio Sobue to win the game in all final round what maintain a bit long distance with the 1st runner-up.


The New ORCA ESC #OE1 (Akio Sobue Picked)


The New ORCA Battery


The new OCRA Motor, ESC, Battery is coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

Highlight Photo

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Credit: Red RC @Onetenseries

The Video Record of One Ten Series in Hong Kong

You can check out the full record of the One Ten Series by clicking this link:

Full Report on Red RC:

Xpress Execute XQ1 1/10 Competition Grade Electric Touring Car Kit 

Our Execute XQ1 will be the car of our choice to execute our racing passion. A modern take on the traditional touring cars with some unique Xpress elements!

  • Slotted shock tower ensures perfect alignment
  • Bearing Supported Anti Rollbars for smoother suspension operation
  • Lowered positioned shocks allow a lower center of gravity for high stability
  • Marked spring tension adjustment nut for same left and right adjustment
  • Single piece Bulkheads slots into chassis for tweak free assembly
  • Plastic Suspension mount inserts for easy roll center adjustments
  • And more…

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Infinity 1/10 IF15 GP Touring Chassis Kit #IF15 

After two years of development, we have finally completed the INFINITY IF15, our new competition GP touring car. Tested and approved by Team INFINITY’s World Champion drivers, the IF15 was designed with the concept of having the lowest possible center of gravity and easy maintenance. The IF15 provides excellent steering feeling in a wide range of driving situations due to the low center of gravity and quickly changing settings or exchanging differentials and belts is made simple with easy access bulkheads, this is a great advantage in races where you need to find the best setup with only limited time. The kit contains suspension bushes with various roll center positions, three kinds of front stabilizers and four kinds of rear stabilizers are included so that you can easily tune your IF15 to any track.

Quick Features

  • 3mm-thick 7075 duralumin main chassis for rigidity and flexibility
  • Steering characteristics can be adjusted by changing the position of the optional chassis weight
  • The 2-speed transmission contains highly-efficient 0.8 module gears
  • The clutch bell coated with special materials is durable and offers perfect clutch-meet.
  • Rear suspension geometry designed to provide an excellent mechanical grip
  • Maintenance is easy and replacing the rear differential and rear belt can be done quickly
  • Four kinds of rear anti-roll bars are included in the kit as standard
  • And more…

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