Many light kits from ob1 stocked in rcMart, confused about which light kit is for what? Don’t worry we were too, so we took the time to explain each and every one to you!

ob1’s light kits are all about user friendliness, for lights which light up according to throttle input, the main unit will calibrate everytime you turn the light kit on.  No need for external becs, plugs straight into your receiver.

First up are the newly arrived BL-V3.1S, BL-V3.1MFC/V3.1S and the BL-V3.1M. Why are these three light kits grouped up you ask? It’s because ob1 rc especially released these three light kits to be used with Tamiya 1/14 truck kits. All three light kits can be controlled via bluetooth, something we have yet to see on other light kits.

BL-V3.1S, ob1 released this kit especially for the trailer section of your truck. It features all the light modes seen on real truck trailers, including blinker lights, reverse and hazard lamps a total of 4 led cables which are 8 led lights. By purchasing this kit, you reduce the trouble of sourcing all the lights required and a control unit. The control unit uses throttle input to detect whether you are reversing or not so it adds realistic scale to your truck build.













Then there’s a light kit for the cab unit, the BL-V3.1M. Pretty much the same as the trailer unit, however the colors and functions are set so that it matches lights featured on truck cabs. A more sophisticated function for truck enthusiasts include a function relating to lowering legs on your truck is also included for that extra touch of detail.










Last but not least in the truck series the BL-V3.1MFC/V3.1S , ob1 rc understood that many truck rc drivers already have a MFC01 or MFC03 in their truck because before the ob1 lightkits they were the holy grail of light kits/speaker for Tamiya trucks. But now, ob1 have released a light kit made so that you can plug into the Tamiya sound/light unit. At this stage, there is not a unit from ob1 that has speakers, vibration and lights included into one package so they released this kit so that you can take advantage of ob1’s detail light kits will still using the other functions offered by Tamiya.









Drifters and scale touring car drivers, the BL-V30 ,  will be the only light kit you will ever need. Features indicators, brake and headlights this is the ultimate light kit for touring and drift cars. A cool thing we saw is the automatic hazard lights that activate when you have the car idle for a period of time like how you’re supposed to do with real cars.










Last but not least, in our roundup: the BL-V31 similar to the BL-V3.1M, but without the truck specific functions. So it is more of a general light kit for whatever purpose you see fit. Features basic functions such as indicators, headlights and brake lights. Ob1 Rc market this lightkit for Short Course, Monster Trucks, Tamiya Truck and Crawlers.









This concludes our ob1 rc lightkit roundup, hope this clears things up for you and help you decide a lightkit for whatever R/C car you have. We believe everyone will be able to choose one based on the wide variety of light kits that ob1 offer! Check out the full range of lightkits here.