Do you know the answer about the 2018 Summer Giveaway – Word Puzzle Challenge!

How much you figure out how many RC parties listed in the picture?

Check out it now!

The answer of the gamercMart-2019-Summer-Giveaway-Word-Puzzle-Challenge-banner-1000x1000_B


How many you figure out?

And here is the winner!



Our winner is VIvian Grobler! Congratulations!

He got the correct answer and he had been selected randomly!

And his three friends: Darron Herselman, Dirk Reinecke, Asief Omar got the Be Tagged Prize ($20 Store Credit)


(Winner has to pay for the shipping)

  • Friends tagged by the winner will get $20 store credit (3 Max)

All participants are required to complete all the steps in order for their entry to be considered eligible.

rcMart reserve all the right to confirming the eligibility for the competition to all participants and champion selection process.

**rcMart reserve all the rights of this event**

Hope you all have fun with rcMart this summer!


2019 Summer Giveaway – Word Puzzle Challenge
Figure out how many RC parties listed in the picture?

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