Touring Car is the car pursuing the highest speed on road. Compare with Rock Crawler, Touring car is staying on the other side. Touring car has no great performance on the rugged road, but it brings the enormous speed to neutralize the low adaptability. If you looking for a car to compete for the speed with friends, Touring Car must is the best choice. People playing touring car is enjoying the excitement of racing a super fast car what can raise the speed from 0 km/h to over 70 km/h in 1 -3 seconds.


Touring car can be divided into two categories, one is ‘Electric Rc car’, another one is ‘Gas power Rc Car’.

Electric Rc Car


Electric Rc Car (EP RC Car) is using motor and battery to operate. It can output over 800A electric current through electronic speed controller (ESC). The electric RC car is running smoothly and no unnecessary sounds from the internal combustion engine, it can bring racer a comfortable and peaceful racing time.


  • Peaceful
  • Run smoothly
  • Low power cost
  • No exhaust missions


  • Potential battery explosion risk
  • Battery need to charge after use
  • Battery need to discharge regularly

Gas power Rc Car


Gas power Rc Car is using fuel to operate. Compare with electric Rc car, GP car looks more powerful as the explosive sounds coming from the engine same you driving a real car. Also, racer just needs to inject fuel into the gas tank instead of taking time to fully charge a battery that time-consuming. Nowadays, gas power Rc car developed to a mature stage, the stability and performance of the engine become powerful, there are simple step required in car maintenance. In fuel and engine selection, most people choose nitro gas and two-stroke engines because two-stroke engine provides high acceleration and rotating speed.


  • Fast to set up
  • High reality
  • High oppression


  • High power cost (Fuel)
  • Hand to clean (Oil pollution)
  • Expert welcome

Let’s watch the difference between EP car and GP car.

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