Traxxas Link is an app for iOS and Android mobile devices that unleashes the full capability of the Traxxas TQi radio system. When combined with the Wireless Module, Traxxas Link lets you program essential setup functions, manage multiple models, and record real-time performance data on a customizable dashboard. Traxxas Link shows your speed, RPM, temperature, voltage and vehicle’s incline angle. Traxxas Link lets you set warning thresholds-when your vehicle exceeds the tilt angle you set, an alarm sounds. Go past 90 degrees, and the gauges go red. The new inclinometer capability is available on all models with the TSM receiver. Graphics side- and rear-view gauges show your vehicle’s angle as you drive, and display its level of incline in degrees.



When you equip your model with Traxxas Link telemetry sensors, the Traxxas Link dashboard comes to life with stunning graphics to report speed, battery voltage, RPM, and temperature. The app automatically detects sensors for easy setup and configuration. Up to nine gauges can be displayed. Set threshold warnings and log maximums, minimums, or averages.

Video Credit: Traxxas @YouTube Channel

Traxxas Link offers enhanced access to telemetry data with the innovative TQi Telemetry Expander. Once the Expander is installed and activated, Traxxas Link will automatically detect any connected smart sensors, including the optional GPS module for highly-accurate mph or km/h reporting. These smart sensors provide extended telemetry data to the Traxxas Link app, which is displayed on your existing dashboard layout.

Let’s download Traxxas Link and try it for yourself.

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