As Traxxas released the new crawler TRX-4 Sport at the end of July 2018. People may think about what is the differences between Traxxas TRX-4 Sport and Axial SCX10 II – The milestone in the Crawler World. Which one is better and worth for it? We will be comparing the TRX-4 Sport to the RTR version of the Axial SCX10 II.

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Let’s start to compare the appearance first!

Front Side


Overlook View


Back View


The Axial SCX10 II has a heavy body compare with TRX-4 Sport. It is because SCX10II have no free space at the back of the car where allow the racer to build some accessories.
rcmart_blog_scx10II_vs_trx-4sport_4 rcmart_blog_scx10II_vs_trx-4sport_5

In the overlook view of both cars, SCX10 II looks more simple and hollowness as it the all the electronic pars placed on the front.

rcmart_blog_scx10II_vs_trx-4sport_6 rcmart_blog_scx10II_vs_trx-4sport_7 rcmart_blog_scx10II_vs_trx-4sport_8 rcmart_blog_scx10II_vs_trx-4sport_9 rcmart_blog_trx-4_vs_trx-4sport_10rcmart_blog_trx-4_vs_trx-4sport_11

Specification Comparison


Performance Comparison Video

Video Credit: Triple X RC Garage @YouTube Channel

Let’s get yours now!

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport 1/10 4WD RTR Trail Truck w/ XL-5 HV ESC TQ 2.4GHz Radio System #82024-4

Video Credit: Traxxas @YouTube Channel

The TRX-4 Sport combines the unbeatable ground clearance and driving dynamics of Traxxas portal axles, sticky Canyon® Trail tires, and a lightweight pickup truck body for a leaner, performance-focused new TRX-4. The Sport’s unique bumpers, wheels, and body were designed for increased climbing versatility. Whether it’s a fun trail run or a hardcore technical crawl, the TRX-4 Sport’s capability and performance-built approach takes your outdoor adventure to a new level.

Quick Features

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Rails
  • Adjustable Wheelbase
  • Molded Wire Retainers
  • Dual Battery Tray
  • Floor Pans
  • Aluminum Scale Shocks
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Links
  • Precision Hex Hardware
  • Portal Axles
  • And more…

Find out more about Traxxas TRX-4 Sport:

Axial SCX10 II 2000 Jeep Cherokee 1/10 4WD Rock Crawler RTR EP #AX90047

Video Credit: axialvideos @YouTube Channel

The SCX10 has been the vehicle of choice for scale trail fun! For the past 8 years the SCX10 has been the staple vehicle platform for scale trail enthusiasts around the world. Axial was one of the first companies to embrace R/C rock crawling and the first to mass produce a scale trail truck. Axial has been watching trends, tirelessly testing, and experimenting to create the next evolution of the SCX10. The SCX10 II is the culmination of many years of development, furthering aesthetic realism while maximizing trail performance. The next generation of SCX10 is here!

Quick Features


  • High pinion gears for added ground clearance & better driveshaft angles
  • The high pinion design allows increased gear surface contact for increased durability
  • Larger load bearings used around the gear set to reduce flex and create a stronger drivetrain
  • Single piece axle housing for added strength
  • Small pumpkin for increased clearance and a more realistic, scale look
  • Front and rear 1-piece lockers
  • Bolt on link mounts
  • Knuckle carriers and straight axle adapters have a better mounting system with 10-degree increment adjustments
  • Optimized gear ratio – 3.75 compared the previous at 2.92 – this reduces torque twist at the axle which is typically seen with other small pumpkin axle designs


  • Transfer case design helps keep the driveshaft’s centered and as low as possible in the chassis
  • Final drive ratio range 33.69 – 54.15 with available spur – pinion gear combinations
  • Comes with 56T spur gear and 15T pinion / 32-pitch for durability
  • All metal internal gears for strength and durability
  • Final drive ratio (FDR) 40.44 with a range from 33.69 – 54.15 – Original SCX10 was 33.06
  • Scale looks mimics a full size transmission and transfer case


  • Scale looks with proper suspension geometry
  • Anodized aluminum links included w/ M4 rod ends
  • Adjustable servo mounting system allows for a wide range of servos to be used
  • Properly designed suspension for nearly zero bump steer


  • Up to 45 degrees of steering
  • Smooth action for an efficient drivetrain
  • Compact yet durable design
  • Hardened steel construction


  • 8 degree kingpin angle
  • Improved scrub radius over the AX10 axle

WB8 HD Wildboar™ front and rear driveshafts feature an updated design with a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 Screw Shaft (2mm hex drive) for added strength. A center splined slider floats between each end and features added material which reduces flex and fatigue.

  • 3-piece driveshaft with strengthened slider-floater tube
  • Increased surface at the connection between the ball joints and output shaft tubes2x11mm cross pin adds 25% more surface area providing more strength for the ball joint
  • Captured cross pin design eliminates older set screw design for more durability/easy maintenance
  • Adjustable length driveline parts included in box

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