Introducing the rcMart exclusive: Speed Passion Sensored Waterproof ESC’s: The Speed Passion Aventador S 40A and Speed Passion Aventador R 80A! Both have arrived to our office so if you need to waterproof your truck or rig, now is the chance!

If you missed our tutorial on How to Waterproof A Sensored Brushless motor, be sure to read it to find out!

Like all Speed Passion ESC’s this also comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box to protect the ESC! To distinguish the 80A from the 40A you can spot the color of the sticker on the fan and on the esc body. The 80A will be a blue sticker whilst the 40A is a grey sticker.


Upon opening the box, you will be greeted with the manual, and all necessary materials to mount it into your car.  The heat shrink tubing is there so that if you wish to change the battery plug, you will be able to protect the terminals


The ESC comes with Speed Passion Brushless Motor plugs and your normal Deans Plugs pre-installed so for a large amount of users, this ESC will be plug and play! The motor sensor cable is standard for all sensored brushless motors.



Here you can see that Speed Passion have made sure that no amount of water will be entering the ESC as the wires are properly covered. The switch has also been covered with silicone to make sure it is soft enough for operating the switch whilst being waterproof at the same time.




A 40mm fan is mounted snug ontop of the ESC thanks to the integrated fan mount built into the ESC. The manual suggests you unplug the fan if you are planning on submerging the ESC. Which is alright as the water will act as a cooling agent for the ESC whilst the fan is absent.