Last weekend 2/12/2018, Rc Crawler Custom TR – The biggest Crawler Lovers group in Turkey had organised an exciting meeting called Winter Has Come. It gathered some group member together and had a happy time with RC.

Let’s check out the highlight photo of this event!

PicsArt_12-02-06.09.23 PicsArt_12-02-06.10.59 PicsArt_12-02-06.11.54 PicsArt_12-02-06.13.12 PicsArt_12-02-06.14.20 PicsArt_12-02-06.20.25 PicsArt_12-02-06.21.20 PicsArt_12-02-06.22.10 PicsArt_12-02-06.23.15 PicsArt_12-02-06.23.57 PicsArt_12-02-06.25.16
PicsArt_12-02-06.29.15 PicsArt_12-02-06.30.39 PicsArt_12-02-06.50.15 PicsArt_12-02-06.52.01


Photo Credit: Rc Crawler Custom TR , Turkey

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