Wrap-Up Next released the detail of the specification about the upcoming Kenbro Concept – New Conversion Kit.

Let’s check out the information now!

New Works Representative, new chassis produced by lab bath, kenbro concept released. The new vertical put chassis is completed by combining the drive mission adopted in fr-D / Mr-D. The chassis that has been polished in the iroha circuit of the home ground, which is the most low mutant, has a high circling speed and excellent control that creates a vertical motor, and is also placed on the anti-torque chassis due to the optimal mass balance. I have balancing the high traction that doesn’t take it.

The main chassis has a moderate flexibility, 2.0 mm thick, and the upper deck adopts the 2.0 mm thick pure carbon made of the split ceremony. It has changed the roll rigidity due to the replacement of the post of the upper deck consolidated part, and it corresponds to various tram situation.

Kit Composition: 0401-FD
2.0 mm pure carbon main chassis
Split Ceremony 2.0 mm Pure Carbon Upper Deck
Cut corner up st wiper adopted vx-Dock
Slide steering system
Drive Mission Unit (18 tx2/ 35 T / 40 T)
Exclusive input shaft one body center shaft
High Mount motor plate
Upper Deck Mount x2
0272-FD Graphite Battery Holder
(for thin short ripon)
Other post, screw

What you need separately for the chassis completion
Long Aja stub le servo horn
Around the suspension
(Suspension Arm / of or yd suspension /
Sassoon / one upper arm /
Knuckle / turn buckle / ball end, etc)
Ilya Shock Shock Tower
Around Oil Oil
Of Gear Box & gear around

46028824_2140332612850556_7386946078098063360_n 46125839_2140332706183880_4637479088041230336_n 46158983_2140332756183875_8845598245485805568_n 46158988_2140332809517203_221848156193685504_n 46104131_2140332866183864_6714160260296212480_n 46098968_2140332909517193_3822378579698647040_n 46033882_2140332949517189_5055878944998293504_n 45887815_2140333046183846_43412674729476096_n 46067687_2140333109517173_8882157909052489728_n 46287508_2140333172850500_6171447664492675072_n 46074247_2140333219517162_1260831565781401600_n 46081626_2140333266183824_5470299218402869248_n

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

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