Wrap-Up Next announced that upcoming VX suspension is further upgraded and upgraded.  Two lineups of YD specification for YD-2 corresponding to univer and DP specification corresponding to uni-bar for drupake. VX suspension system became Ver.4 and upgraded. This time VX suspension puts a new essence in the arm bearing part. If 630 bearing and rubber bush (P3 – O ring) are included for the bearing part and the bearing is selected for the bearing.

Let’s check out it now!

Ultra smooth operation released from astringency has been realized. The O ring bearing reminiscent of the rubber bush of the actual car transforms into a supple sticky leg. Furthermore, by reconsidering the shape of the suspension arm, we have expanded the movable range with respect to the conventional VX suspension and secured a sufficient amount of rebound. Depending on the amount of color it is possible to set a wide range including short legs to long legs and adjustable suspension arms and knuckles corresponding to 1: 1 lever ratios from the normal lever ratio.



※ Although the inner diameter of the bearing of the bearing is 3 mm, the general 3 mm suspension shaft may not pass due to tolerance. We recommend using in conjunction with the simultaneous release adjustment front suspension shaft.

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Don’t miss the Yokomo YD2!

Yokomo 1/10 YD-2 RWD EP Competition Drift Car Kit #DP-YD2

Yokomo has been a pioneer of RC Drift. Now, available from Yokomo, YD-2 RWD RC Drift Chassis! Innovative 4 gear drive design will enhance throttle response and rear traction. Perfectly balanced chassis designed and perfect steering. The front end has been also newly designed just for RWD RC Drifting. Perfectly developed by Yokomo Driver, Ackerman Ratio Setting and perfectly honest steering feeling. Full counter drifting thought is hard skill, especially with RWD. However, with YD-2, Full Counter Drifting is easy to achieve! Also using Yokomo YG-302 RWD Steering Gyro will enhance real counter steering with a breeze!

Quick Features

  • Composite Bathtub Chassis
  • Height Adjustable Composite Shock
  • 4 gear down Transmission
  • Aluminum Motor mount Plate
  • Long Spring
  • High Angle Steering System for RWD
  • Full Ball Bearing
  • Rear Universal Shaft
  • Compatible with Standard and Shorty Battery
  • AXON/Yokomo Precision Spur Gear 84T(48P)
  • And more…

Find out more: https://bit.ly/2KIWg2Z

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