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Wrap Up Next  announced the upcoming product list Vol. 157 & 158 that included New ‘Kaci Style’ Rate Up Spring, SG Complete Shock Set and More…

Let’s check out it now!


  • 0492-FD RATE UP SPRING THE 8 MM (2 PCS / Silver)
  • 0493-FD RATE UP SPRING THE 8 MM (2 PCS / Black)
  • 0494-FD RATE UP SPRING THE 8 MM (2 PCS / Blue)
  • 0495-FD RATE UP SPRING THE 8 MM(2pcs/red)
  • 0496-FD RATE UP SPRING THE 8 MM (2 PCS / purple)

Essential item for the kaci style. The standard ratio 8 MM-up rate-up spring the that creates the perfect backlash to crush the spring.

An Essential item for an oak style that will show you the signs of fashion. 8 mm higher than common springboks, and without using spring color, we will compress the spring and produce optimal backlash. Silver / Black / Blue / Red / Purple each color lineup. In 2 pieces. Damper End Diameter 6 MM.

0497-fd vx lever change extension (VX suspension ver. 2 onwards)

Oak Style Essential item for Vx suspension users.
Lever Change Extension.

VX suspension user essential Kaci Style Item. A different approach than the competition, for Vx suspension intended to enjoy roll action (ver. 2 onwards) options Parts. In the spacer section between the suspension arm, the extension of the extension position is inside, and the lever ratio is bigger and it produces an aggressive roll action.

0498-fd short low bodice body mount (with magnet)

The Perfect Low-High & short-Type Magnet Body Mount for shock tower direct.

The Perfect Low-High & short-Type Magnet Body Mount for shock tower direct. If you have a constraint in the m chassis, etc. or if you want to light the front with a competition machine, you can direct it to the body mount on the shock tower. Low body in low. It is also perfect for installing. It can be adjusted and adjusted, and it can be changed to height. The Magnet Installation Department is easy to adjust after and after the long hole.



The Trf version is in the sg complete shock set on sale!

The Trf version is in the sg complete shock set on sale. Full-Length adjustment shock top, spring the. I have thoroughly pursued the material, shape, and precision of each element of the cylinder, piston, shaft, guide, o ring, etc. with the established and familiar orthodox structure of know-how. The Pistons are standard equipped with the φ0. 7 x4 hole and the blank piston on sale, the simultaneous 6 x4 holes on the simultaneous sale, and the φ0. 8 x4 holes can also be used as an option. Even low viscosity oil is a good way to create an excellent operation and damping without oil leaks.

※ top, end, the spring does not belong. Top, end, and the for the Tamiya op-1871 TRF damper for enhanced v parts 5 MM.

Product Composition: 4 sets each
Oak Linda / Fluoride Sharpener Piston & Shaft Guide / sg shock shaft / x shape o ring / high quality diamond ram / Aluminum Shock Cap / Aluminum Spring Adjustment Dial / Aluminum O Ring Cap / KC Variable Damping Valve / 0.3 Mm Sims / e ring

  • 0500-FD High Precision Shock Piston Φ0. 6 X4 Hole Fluoride Resin Sharpener 4 PCS (TRF / Wrap-up)
  • 0501-FD High Precision Shock Piston Φ0. 7 X4 Hole Fluoride Resin Sharpener 4 PCS (TRF / Wrap-up) 
  • 0502-FD High Precision Shock Piston Φ0. 8 X4 Hole Fluoride Resin Sharpener 4 PCS (TRF / Wrap-up)


Trf / SG Complete Shock Fluoride Resin Sharpening Piston 3 types of the lineup.

Trf / SG Complete Shock Fluoride Resin Sharpening Piston (for 10 mm diameter cylinder) 3 types of the lineup. We adopt fluorine resin with the smallest friction coefficient in every material, minimize the clearance of cylinder and piston, and demonstrate the precise damping characteristics. Prepare 3 types of φ0. 6 x4 / Φ0. 7 x4 / Φ0. 8 x4. In 4 pieces.

  • 0503-FD full length adjustment aluminum shock top (4 PCS)
  • 0504-FD X-Type Oリング(4pcs)
  • 0505-FD High-Performance Diamond Ram (4 PCS)
  • 0506-FD sg shock shaft guide 4 pcs (FLUORIDE RESIN SHAVINGS)
  • 0507-FD sg shock shaft (4 PCS)

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information!

More Wrap Up Next product on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2NHR8vR

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October 18th, 2019|