Wrap Up Next  had introduced the new product information that the new ‘Nervis’ M-Concept Conversion Kit for Yokomo YD-2 Series.

Let’s check out it now!

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First-released m-concept yd-2 and common m-concept compound shorty main chassis adopted and high exercise
Woo motor, with a combination of battery and VX-Dock placed under it, has secured enough mecha space with m size. 50 mm suspension shaft for front. The YD-2 Standard Suspension Arm, of course, is supported by other brands, such as a wrap-up y-arm, and more. The VX-Dock body with adjust spacer does not belong.

Product Composition:
■ 2.5 mm Graphite Main Chassis (Pure Carbon)
■ Graphite Battery Holder
■ H. P Motor Mount Set ver. 2
■ Short input shaft
■ 3 x50mm Stainless Steel Shaft (for front)
■ 3 mm Jura Constance Set
■ Upper Deck Mount for VX-Dock
■ Graphite Upper braces
■ Linked post

Nervis M-Concept Conversion Kit
The main chassis of m-concept recruitment. The front and rear side are compatible with the yd-2 Series / Wrap-up (de khel) and are perfect for the base of your own custom chassis production.
M-concept compound main chassis
With the release of nervis m-concept, the of supported option h.p.(high position) Motor Mount is ver. 2 and back renewal. Due to a split motor mount, high mount is of course, the left and right 3 motor positions can be selected. The attached braces are a new design and supported by the use of bigger spar gear. Black Anodized only.
H.P. Motor Mount Set ver. 2 (Black)
For Fr-D (ver. 4 onwards) response. To connect with the main chassis
Increase The Upper Deck Stiffness Exponentially. High Mount Basher
Terry is a must-have for the essential Kaci style.
0511-FD FR-D Upper Deck Support Set
The Chassis, Upper Deck, and more. The Aja Stub mechanism that can be adjusted to the length of 30 mm to 35 mm. This is a generic post that can be used for various uses depending on ideas.
0512-FD Generic Aja Multi-Post

All products are scheduled to be released at the end of November.




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Yokomo YD-2SXII 1/10 RWD Drift Car Purple Limited Edition Chassis Kit EP #DP-YD2SX2P

Yokomo YD-2SXII 1/10 RWD Drift Car Purple Limited Edition Chassis Kit EP #DP-YD2SX2P

This is Yokomo YD-2SXII 1/10 RWD Drift Car Purple Limited Chassis Kit EP. This new model will come with all the updated new parts in the kit creating a premium chassis for the customer who is serious about competing in drift competitions with the most modern configuration and parts. To celebrate the new chassis kit we will also release a limited edition YD-2SXII with purple alloy parts at the same time.

Quick Feature

  • Curved Aluminum Steering Slide Rack
  • Short rear suspension arm
  • Suspension mount
  • Aluminum rear shock tower
  • The latest front and rear hub carrier
  • Steering lock stopper

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