Various motor layouts! Build the perfect one for yourselves!  Completely new platform chassis Wrap Up Next “TRAVIS” Travis debut! !
Scheduled to be released in mid-October.

Price 43,000 yen (53,000 yen with VX Gear Bulk Ver.2) Around USD$390 (Around USD$480 with VX Gear Bulk Ver.2)
Four different colors will be available, including: silver, black, blue and red.

For the layout change, it does not require any additional parts! Get 1 chassis and you have 4 different choices!

Possible layouts:
■ FML (front motor low mount)
■ FMH (front motor high mount)
■ RML (rear motor low mount)
■ RMH (rear motor high mount)

Wrap Up Next - TRAVIS detailed news 3
* If you use the optional center shaft for MR – D, you can arrange the motor position about 20 mm from the front motor layout.
By changing the direction of the motor plate and attaching the motor to the left and right, the direction of the starting torque can be reversed. Positive torque and anti-torque specification can be selected according to your preference.
Chassis is a narrow shape that is reminiscent of the original FR-D. 2.5 mm carbon.
Susumount corresponds to Dripake Base & YD / BD system.
The steering unit adopts a proven slide steering unit VX – DOCK.
Commodity composition:
2.5 mm graphite main chassis / 2.0 mm graphite upper deck / VX – DOCK slide steering system / new horizontal type drive unit / upper deck mount x 2 / rising lower plate x 2 / center drive shaft
This product is a conversion kit. In order to complete the chassis, the following parts are required separately.
· WRAP-UP NEXT HD upper arm 4 mm shaft specification
· WRAP-UP NEXT long adjustable servo horn
· Rear transmission set for drift package
· Rear shock tower for drift packages
· Bumpers for drift packages
· Drip package / suspension mount and shaft for YD system
· A set around the front suspension
· Spar holder, front and rear oil damper, each tie rod
※ Parts required separately will be announced in detail at a later date.
※ Image, specifications are for prototype, may be changed during mass production.


Wrap Up Next - TRAVIS detailed news 2  Wrap Up Next - TRAVIS detailed news


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