Wrap Up Next had introduced the new YD-2 (E) / S compatible short wheelbase conversion kit! New release of short wheelbase conversion for YD-2. Multi-designed for both YD-2E / YD-2S and easy conversion with your existing YD-2. In addition, if the VX-DOCK specification is released at the same time, VX-DOCK around the front and build-in of the servo will ensure extra mechanical space.

Let’s check out it now!

Wrap UP Next YD-2 (E) S Compatible Short Wheelbase Conversion Kit (1)

The body recommended 225mm, long body can be mounted depending on the device. A front 50mm suspension shaft is attached. By expanding the front and rear suspension mounts, YD-2 standard suspension arms, as well as other branded suspension arms such as wrap-up Y arms, can be used. With adjustment spacer.

Can be assembled in 4 patterns.

Commodity composition:
■ 2.5mm graphite main chassis (pure carbon)
■ Graphite battery holder
■ 3x50mm stainless steel suspension shaft (for front)
■ 3mm Duracon spacer set

Only VX-DOCK specifications are included
■ Upper deck mount for VX-DOCK
■ Graphite upper brace
■ Connecting post

Body mounting example:
The photo shows Tamiya’s roadster and wide fender.
The wheelbase is 225mm, body width is 180mm front
Finished at 185mm rear.

Use suspension mount reference example:
FF / FR: 39.5mm
RF / RR: 48.7mm / 49.6mm
Or RF / RR: 48.0m / 48.7mm
Both toe-in is about 0.5 degrees

Use suspension arm reference example:
Front: Y2-008FLS Front Short Lower A-Arm for YD-2
Rear: Y2-008RS Short rear suspension arm for YD-2 series

Recommended items for narrowing M-CONCEPT!!
Length-adjustable bone set that can shorten the overall width by up to 12mm at normal ratio.

The length can be adjusted from 43mm to 53mm against the standard shaft of YD-2 universal shaft 49mm. It corresponds widely from short to wide. Please use in combination with YD-2 genuine universe axle and cross spider.

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