X-Square had introduced a new FR suspension mount for Xpress‘s Execute (XQ1, XQ1S, XM1, XM1S, FT1, FT1S) series. It comes with Quick Change Function that helps reace to Install/remove the stiffener piece to quickly swap between a solid or split suspension mount!

Let’s check out it now!

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Take a look of the latest from Xpress – Execute FT1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90022

Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90022

Quick Feature
-Graphite Decks
-Execute XQ1 Differential
-One Million Cst Differential Oil Included
-Spring Steel Double Jointed Universals
-Structurally Reinforced Suspensions Parts
-1.9 Internal Ratio Belt Driven System
-And more…

Find out more: https://bit.ly/2llQ8pa

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