Xpress Execute FT1 & FT1S Designer – Carven Chow won the 1/10 FWD Touring Race with his own design car FT1S  in the RCF Fun Race.  Even though he was unable to top qualify, he eventually won in the finals to take home the top spot on the podium! it can prove the Sport version FT1S had a certain performance to bring you in a higher place!

Let’s check out the race to know more about FT1S!


Winner takes the top step of the podium, with the car costing about the same as his ESC, Carven did great to battle it out with other makes of cars!

Race Record


Here you can see in detail the chassis he used, with some minor upgrades to allow for setup fine tuning!

Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 Sport FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90019 

Xpress Execute FT1S 1/10 FWD touring car kit! Continuing on with the economical pricepoint with our “S” series of cars, we bring users with a entry level price point FWD touring car with perfomance that exceeds what users pay for the kit! With the motor situated at the most forward position, thought was put into the battery placement selections which allows users to adjust the center of gravity through battery placement!

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