A Turkey RC Expert – Gokay Aktan had conducted an Xpress Execute XM1S review. He introduced the personal feeling about racing this car and the history of m-chassis development! Here is the translated version of his essay! This is an essay to discuss the overall performance of Xpress XM1S.  He will conduct more review about XM1S parts and further modification.

Let’s check out his essay now!XM1s-TopW

When looked at the RC shopping websites, the cars in the M-chassis class seemed a little meaningless to me. I’ve never been warmed up in cars of this class for reasons such as electronics that are complexly placed on a small chassis, and inefficient running transmission components. The Xpress brand, which was born again in recent years, was interested in K-chassis. The design details were great, although I didn’t have the opportunity to experiment. Then with the chassis of the XQ1; T4, BD8, IF14 as a competitor to the chassis was able to attract again. One day I got a message from RcMart. Xpress has added another car to the M-chassis and wants us to test it. Of course, I accepted it and here is Xpress XM1S review.

History of the M-chassis, they are generally preferred as hobby oriented rather than racing. As a result of some researches I made in the forums, the biggest reason for this is that they cannot perform well on the track. Xpress wanted to stop this trend, leaving them-chassis standards and designed a new m-chassis with a 1/10 touring DNA.


When we look at the Xpress XM1S photos, it’s a little hard to understand the size, it feels like looking at the XQ1S. The main reason for this is based on the basic characteristics of the touring chassis. The right section has a Li-Po mount that can be placed up to a maximum of 100mm. This mount is designed to be used with battery tape. In addition, thanks to the screws in the mount, it is possible to ensure that the battery is fully seated in the housing. On the left side of the car are electronic components. Almost all electronics in 1/10 standards can be used in this car.



When we look at the transmission components and steering system, it is very difficult to call this car an M-chassis. Because the differentials are 1/10 scale, you can even remove them from the XM1S and attach them to the Xray T4. The steering system works just like the same 1/10 touring cars and works great. I also like to add Floating Steering as an option.



Xpress’s plastic chassis is called “Sport Version or S Version”. So almost all the components in this car are plastic, FRP if the top / bottom chassis and suspension towers. But the fact that it’s plastic doesn’t mean this car is bad. On the contrary, I would say that a high quality plastic is used. Even when you squeeze the screws hard, it doesn’t feel like break immediately.



The Xpress XM1S is currently only available in a plastic version, but as in the XQ1 and XQ1S, it is not difficult to predict the future of the aluminum / carbon model. When I wrote this review, I saw the carbon parts listed on RcMart. I hope I’m going to do a review of them soon. And why do we need these carbon parts? The 2mm thick FRP bottom and top chassis are very rigid. We expect the chassis to be flexible while driving in less traction. Unfortunately, I did not get this flexibility with the FRP chassis.



I’m sure the performance is the most curious about this car. Let’s take a look at the technical specifications first. The Xpress XM1S is 310mm long, 210mm wheelbase, 160mm (front) / 162mm (rear) wide, with 50mm long suspension, anti-roll bar system and 30 degree steering angle.

When I first put the car on the track, my expectation was that it was a very aggressive and non-driving car. I was amazed at the fact that it reacted instantly to corners and did not lose grip.The XM1S, which I use mostly between Xray T4s, has a different driving performance. Of course I don’t compare it to the same class of vehicles but this is the easiest way to tell the driving experience. Our race track is a technical track with narrow roads, sharp corners and medium traction. For 1/10 cars, we can call it an unforgiving track. You can lose a lot of speed when you enter the apex from the wrong point. But when it comes to XM1S, I can say that this track is easy for me. You can continue drive fast without slowing down because it can be controlled with very small reactions. I have to admit, I’ve been accustomed to a car that’s so sharp, so I hit the apex many times. I don’t want to use 1/10 cars for a while thanks to the sharp turns and very good traction of XM1S. Suspensions in this control is also important. I don’t usually like suspensions in budget cars. Some of them work very stiff and some of them are very loose, or even I have used suspensions with different reactions. The XM1S suspension works exactly as it should.



Although the XM1S is a new car, the history of the M-chassis is quite old. For this reason, many m-chassis bodys (especially Tamiya) can be used on this chassis. A similar situation applies to tires. While the brands of tires such as Rush, Ride, Sweep,Xpress are compatible with this car. What comes out of the box is quite interesting. Xpress didn’t forget to put some tools in the box. Thanks to the Multi Tool and the turnbuckle tuner, it is possible to easily make setup such as link length and ride height without the need for extra tools during base setup. As a result, I really like the Xpress XM1S. One of the chassis I can recommend now with a $ 100 price tag.

Original Post (In Turkish): https://www.turkrc.com/xpress-execute-xm1s-inceleme/

Credit: Gokay Aktan – Turkey RC Driver (Author)

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Xpress Execute XM1S – Full Version Installment Process by Gokay Aktan – Turkey

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