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If you look at the history of RC drift, the most exciting part is the last 4-5 years. In these years when there was a rivalry between brands. We met beautiful chassis such as MST RMX 2.0S, Yokomo YD2, 3Racing Sakura D4, Dlike DL500, Overdose Vacula, and R31 House GRK. The chassis that developed in this rivalry offered the users incredible experiences. I can say that with the Vacula, the rear-engine RWD drift chassis has gained admiration, but the original competition started with Sakura D4. MST and Yokomo also joined the competition, and competition started to get more heated. But when it comes to weight transfer, we saw that the D-like brand is at the forefront. This design, which offers a more realistic driving feeling to the user, is quite good, but the brand did not put itself at the forefront. When we come back to 2019, Xpress is returning to the RC world by adding only the best features to its drift chassis. There it is …. Xpress GripXero D1.

Xpress GripXero D1 #XP-90007

There are a lot of things to mention in the design details. The GripXero D1 comes with a rear-motor design. The adjustable motor mount allows us to adjust the settings for low, medium and high-grip tracks. The power is first transferred to the gears, then transferred to the rear differential by a short belt. Thanks to the belt drive, it makes a motor sound we like in drift vehicles. Two steel gears attached to the belt give us sharper gas responses.

Xpress GripXero D1 #XP-90007

In most other brands preferred plastic or aluminum lower arms. But we see that there is carbon in the GripXero D1. These lighter, lower arms provide better grip on the low- and medium traction surface and it provides better steering performance.

Xpress GripXero D1 #XP-90007

The top deck is designed vertically. This design allows the chassis to be more rigid during gas and braking while providing chassis flexibility. The ESC and gyro on the top deck can be adjusted by sliding forward and back. I think this is one of the most important points of this car. 60/40 weight balance is generally preferred in RC drift chassis. If you want to change this balance, you need to add extra weights or change the position of the electronics. In GripXero D1, changing the position of the gyro slot, which is made of brass and which is quite heavy, provides a great change in balance. If you want to drift with weight transfer, the weight should be at the top of the chassis. It’s fun to feel it in the GripXero D1.

Xpress GripXero D1 #XP-90007

If we look at the camber links, we see a design beyond the standards. This camber link has two turnbuckles. It gives us a much more precise setting. But only when the camber is desired to change, the caster may also change. This makes setting a little difficult.

Xpress GripXero D1 #XP-90007

There are 3 types of front suspension systems used in RC drift cars. The most common of these is the standard type suspension. It is very popular because it can perform well in every car. The second type is the mono suspension. It is a type of suspension that I don’t like because it disrupts the car’s sense of steering. Xpress uses the IFS suspension system at GripXero D1. In this way, weight transfer is quite easy and you can feel much better when driving.

Xpress GripXero D1 #XP-90007

The on-power control system is used in the rear section. This increases the toe degree during the on-power, thus increasing the corner speed and steering response. It is possible to adjust this change as desired.

The technical specifications of the Xpress GripXero D1 are listed below. In this article, I tried to explain the most important features of this chassis. As a result, I can say that Xpress has designed a very important car for the RC drift world. It offers an experience that is above the price with the feeling of driving and the quality of the material.

  • High Flex Matte 2.5mm Graphite Main Chassis
  • High Flex Matte 2.0mm Graphite Vertical Topdeck With Changeable CG with Gyro Mount and Esc Mount
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Lightweight Front and Rear Arms
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Rear Shock Tower; low/high shock hole choice
  • High Flex Matte 2.0mm Graphite Steering Arm , Lightweight, and high response
  • Adjustable CG through Brass Gyro Mount
  • High CG Esc Mount
  • High CG Motor Mount with 3 different positions, tune for different surfaces
  • Aluminum Turnbuckles included
  • Lightweight Upper Arm design and adjustable Camber and Caster
  • On Power Control System allowing for high-speed drifting
  • Hard Coated Aluminum layshaft, Lightweight and Strong
  • Aluminum Pulley Set for instantaneous power delivery
  • Aluminum Front Bulkhead Stiffener for more consistent drifting
  • Aluminum Adjustable Knuckle for different Ackermann settings
  • Aluminum Dampers throughout, for predictable handling
  • Front IFS Damper for more on-power traction
  • Rear Chassis holes for use with a wide variety of Diffusers

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Xpress GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car Kit #XP-90007

Combining R&D obtained from the Xpresso and Execute series, the GripXero is born! Featuring the best of both worlds, combining them together to produce a high performance RWD drift car! With new elements such as the Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) to further tailor the chassis towards throwing large slides!

Quick Features

  • High Flex Matte 2.5mm Graphite Main Chassis
  • High Flex Matte 2.0mm Graphite Vertical Topdeck With Changeable CG with Gyro Mount and Esc Mount
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Lightweight Front and Rear Arms
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Rear Shock Tower; low/high shock hole choice
  • And more…

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