Xpress released a new Strong Composite Suspension Parts Set For FT1 XQ1 XQ1S #XP-10606. New and improved suspension arms. These will be direct upgrade also on the Execute XQ1 series, during testing it was found that these suspension pieces gave more corner speed! If you are upgrading from the old set of suspension arms, you will need to purchase the 3.0mm outer suspension pins as well.

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Xpress Strong Composite Suspension Parts Set For FT1 XQ1 XQ1S #XP-10606

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Quick Feature

  • For: Xpress Execute Series
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black

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Xpress Execute FT1 1/10 Competition FWD Touring Car Kit #XP-90022

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Belt-driven transmission with an internal ratio of 1.9 removes the difficulty of making the FDR associated with FF racing worldwide, being belt driving allows more tolerance against debris on the track when compared to a gear setup. Spring steel double-jointed universals whilst allowing for smooth cornering ensures durability and allowing you to finish races without problems. The fast change brass weight attachments at the bottom of the bulkheads can act as a stiffener and adding weight without having to take the body off!

Quick Features

  • Graphite Decks
  • Execute XQ1 Differential
  • One Million Cst Differential Oil Included
  • Spring Steel Double Jointed Universals
  • Structurally Reinforced Suspensions Parts
  • 1.9 Internal Ratio Belt Driven System
  • Multiple Battery Placement Options
  • Upper Deck Stiffeners to change handling characteristics
  • Bumper Integrated 30mm Fan Mount
  • Re-designed Steering Post for more steering lock
  • Swaybars front and rear for consistent handling
  • Adjustable Suspension Geometry through eccentric bushings
  • Wheelbase: 256mm
  • Width: 190mm

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