We are back after a hot and crazy week at Thailand, attending the 2019 TITC at an ever-lovely Infinity Rc Addict Track! We take a look at the Execute XQ1 Keith used to TQ and take the eventual win in the Non-Boosted Class!


As we can see here, for the Two doors body Ride spoke wheelset were chosen.


Two Yeah Racing Fans were chosen to keep everything cool in the blistering hot track conditions (Upwards to 38 degrees Celsius air temperature) Also used was the new Aluminum Fan Mount (#XP-10310) to keep the electronics install clean!


The rear end of the car, mostly stock except with the body posts installed on the other side of the shock tower allowing for more rear grip due to the high grip of the Rc Addict Track!


Titanium turnbuckles from Yeah Racing were used  to keep the weight down to a reasonable level when large packs (8400mah) were used (1360g).


Chassis mounted steering was the choice as the grip was very high to keep lap times more consistent.


The plastic spool was used to keep rotating mass to a minimum, which was very important in these low powered control esc and motor classes!


Not much scratches to the chassis, the surface was very flat. All screws were used to keep chassis flex to a minimal.

Check out the setup here.