Xpress had introduced the Xpress GripXero D1 2 months ago (July 2019), it becomes a good option in the selection when drift selecting the next 1/10 drift.

During this period, Xpress had released some upgrade parts for user to modify the car for better performance and more setting.

Multi-Hole Rear Arm Shock Mount Set (XP-10489).

Positive Ackermann Steering Plates #XP-10487.

High CG Battery Mount (XP-10488)

and more…

Dori Lounge wrote a review for these parts!

Let’s check out the review for applied these items!

The first one is Multi-Hole Rear Arm Shock Mount Set (XP-10489). It increases the adjust-ability of your rear shock angles and setup with these lower rear shock mounts. Secures tightly on the lower graphite arm.

rcMart, Blog, Xpress GripXero D1 Multi Hole Rear Arm Shock Mount Set #XP-10489


They allow a FAR larger amount of adjustment in shock position in the rear without adding much weight. The shocks were already very near optimal position, so I did not necessarily gain much grip from this upgrade, but it’s still very much worthwhile. Being able to adjust the shock so much freedom is a definite bonus, one that can’t be overstated.

The second one is the Positive Ackermann Steering Plates #XP-10487. By relocating your ESC to the back of the shock tower and ontop of the wheel axle line, you can get more grip from your tires during on and off power! This is possible due to shifting of the center of gravity to the rear of the car and higher than the wheel axle line!




The best was easily the Positive Ackerman Steering Wipers. Though I’m still not a fan of the wiper system, these new wipers were a definite upgrade. They allowed a much better Ackerman throughout the steering range and at lock. Through having better steering, the D1 was able to attack corners far more Aggressively than before, carrying more angle and more speed into a corner and throwing much harder.

The final one is High CG Battery Mount (XP-10488). It can gain more chassis roll which in turn lets the car easier to turn into the corner through the increased momentum at corner entry!

rcMart, blog, Xpress GripXero D1 High CG Battery Mount Adaptor Set #XP-10488


The last upgrade, however, I’m not sure about. The upper rail battery mount I was not much a fan of. Putting the battery up high instead of the ESC greatly increased the amount of chassis roll due to having a much higher Center of Gravity. While having a high CG has been proven to be beneficial for a chassis such as the Yokomo SX, there is such a thing as to much, which is what having a high battery felt like. There is a way to tune for the extra high weight to gain benefit from it, or at least mitigate the negative effects, but without the ability to adjust the rear roll center I cannot do such a thing. If this upgrade were paired with one that also allowed free adjustment of the upper rear linkage, then it could perform much better. But as it is now, it’s just too much weight to high on the chassis.

Xpress GripXero D1 1/10 High Performance RWD Drift Car Kit #XP-90007

Combining R&D obtained from the Xpresso and Execute series, the GripXero is born! Featuring the best of both worlds, combining them together to produce a high-performance RWD drift car! With new elements such as the Inboard Front Suspension (IFS) to further tailor the chassis towards throwing large slides!

Quick Features

  • High Flex Matte 2.5mm Graphite Main Chassis
  • High Flex Matte 2.0mm Graphite Vertical Topdeck With Changeable CG with Gyro Mount and Esc Mount
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Lightweight Front and Rear Arms
  • High Flex Matte 3.0mm Graphite Rear Shock Tower; low/high shock hole choice
  • And more…

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