Xray announced the new 2.5mm graphite center mounting plate for GTX8 is coming soon. Machined from 2.5mm carbon fiber the plate will reinforce the center bulkhead area for improved consistency in high ambient temperatures. Included in the set comes to a pair of brake cam bushings.

Let’s check out it now!

rcMart, blog, Xray, GT Graphite Center Mounting Plate 2.5mm, 354252 rcMart, blog, Xray, GT Graphite Center Mounting Plate 2.5mm, 354252

Quick Features

  • Stiffer
  • More consistent in hot conditions

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

Don’t miss the GTX8!

Xray GTX8.2 Luxury 1/8 Nitro Onroad GT Car Kit #XR-350501

This is Xray GTX8.2 Luxury 1/8 Nitro Onroad GT Car Kit. The GTX8 is XRAY’s 1/8 nitro GT based on the European Championship-winning XB8 off-road platform. Utilizing proven, high-performance components from the first generation kit, the new GTX8 incorporates many new features and refinements to push its performance to the next level. The GTX8 project follows a typical development progress at XRAY: 3D models were first printed & tested, and after successful test results the production moulds were machined. To ensure perfect fitment of all parts, all pieces are individually tested during the development phase and then are tested on track to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Quick Features

  • All-new front & rear diffs with increased oil capacity increase traction & consistency
  • All-new front upper arm with reduced caster improves the steering characteristics and decreases tire wear
  • All-new harder lower front arms increases response and corner speed
  • All-new chassis fits soft & hard radio trays to adjust flex for various track conditions
  • And more…

More Xray products on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2EexdDG

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