Xray announced that the new 4-shoe off-road clutch set for XB8 is coming soon. Complete set of 4-shoe clutch system includes flywheel, lightweight medium aluminum clutch shoes, gold (soft) clutch springs, assembly screws, flywheel collar, and flywheel nut. The 4-shoe clutch design allows for super-easy clutch setting from soft to hard setting, each suitable for different track conditions and racing style. The clutch features smaller, lighter internal parts, and the design allows for more balanced clutch bell engagement compared to the traditional 3-shoe design. The 4-shoe design allows use of combinations of different hardnesses of shoes and springs for clutch engagement setting, and even allows for a combination of different pairs of shoes and springs which gives ultra-fine engagement settings. There are 4 different hardness of shoes and 3 different hardness of springs optionally available. Changing the setting is very easy thanks to the special assembly screws that hold the shoe and spring.

Let’s check out it now!

rcMart, Blog, Xray 4-shoe Off-Road Clutch Set #358400 rcMart, Blog, Xray 4-shoe Off-Road Clutch Set #358400

Quick Features

  • 4-shoe clutch design
  • Super-easy clutch setting
  • Smaller & lighter internal parts
  • More balanced clutch bell engagement
  • Ultra-fine engagement settings
  • Allows to use combination of different pairs of shoes & springs
  • Various shoes & springs available

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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