Xray had introduced new aluminum option parts for their XB2 series of off-road buggies that aluminum steering arm set and rearward linkage aluminum steering plate V2!

Let’s check out it now!

rcmart-blog-New Aluminium Steering Optionals For XB2 Buggies - Smoother Steering #322512 & #322572

#322512 Alu Steering Arms – Swiss 7075 T6 – Setrcmart-blog-xray-322512

• More precise steering
• Extra steering linkage position
• Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
• Black coated
• Set of 2

The alu steering arms generate more precise steering. Features mounting position for the steering linkage for an additional steering setting possibility. CNC-machined steering arms made from high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Set of 2.

#322572 Alu Steering Plate Rearward Linkage Mounting – Swiss 7075 T6 – V2


• Rearwards steering linkage mounting
• More precise steering
• Makes car more predictable
• Smoother feeling
• Greater range of Ackermann settings
• Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
• Black coated

Alu steering plate for rearward linkage mounting allows mounting the steering linkages more rearwards which makes the steering more precise and makes the car more predictable and results in smoother feeling. The design of the plate allows for a greater range of Ackermann settings compared to the standard steering plate. CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum.

 XB2 2020 1/10 Luxury Electric 2WD Buggy Kits



All-New Feature in XB2 2020 

  • All-new chassis with bent sides for improved weight balance and maximum stability
  • All-new side guards to fit the new chassis and the integrated adjustable battery holder
  • All-new graphite side guard braces with redesigned shape for more stability and improved predictability
  • All-new tweak-free battery holder for fast battery position adjustment and no negative effects on chassis flex or traction
  • All-new super-narrow ultra-low CG gearboxes with quick & easy diff access
  • All-new LCG Gear Box available in Front version (Carpet edition) and Rear version (Dirt edition)
  • All-new diff height adjustment in 6 different settings
  • All-new super narrow ball-differential with refined internal parts for smoother operation and increased traction (Dirt edition)
  • All-new super narrow extra-large volume gear differential for improved consistency (Carpet edition)
  • Longer rear drive shafts to accommodate the new suspension geometry
  • Redesigned lightweight motor mount fits either gearbox design and diff cover
  • All-new redesigned motor brace mounted via pivot ball ensures side flex for increased traction
  • All-new roll center mounts with new roll center positions
  • Updated aluminum roll center mount on rear uprights with improved roll center position
  • All-new 2-pad slipper with increased slippage to generate smoother acceleration at low traction tracks (Dirt edition)
  • All-new 3-pad slipper to generate more consistent breaking at high traction conditions (Carpet edition)
  • All-new shorter top shaft to fit the narrower LCG gear box
  • All-new lightweight gear protector ensures that body can be installed lower to avoid body contact with spur gear
  • All-new front shock tower with lower design for increased stability of the car
  • All-new rear shock tower with new shock positions and three different wing mounting positions
  • All-new narrow rear suspension holders
  • All-new rear suspension arms with different geometry and wheelbase adjustments for Carpet and Dirt Editions
  • All-new front suspension arms with lowered shock mount locations work together with the new shock tower to decrease the CG and create smoother cornering
  • All-new shorter shock springs allow greater ride height adjustment and makes the car more stable
  • All-new eccentric lower shock mounting pivot ball allows to adjust angle of the mounted shocks influencing traction and corner speed

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