Xray had introduced the new low ULP graphite shock towers for the T4 2020 touring car.  Lower than the kit front and rear shock stays, the -3.5mm height shock positions allow to access the optional low lower shock mounting positions on the front and rear arms which can make the chassis roll less in high-grip track conditions, allowing for an easier to drive car in chicanes while improving steering response at the same time.

Let’s check out it now!

Due to these characteristics, the low shock setup is recommended especially for medium to high grip, technical carpet tracks. The shock towers are machined from 3.0mm carbon fibre and they are available separately.





Xray T4 2020 Specs Luxury 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit

XRAY T4 2020 is the hot topic car in End of 2019 that comes with an all-new design and large performance improved!Xray T4 2020 Specs Luxury 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit
Graphite Edition XR-300026
Aluminum Edition XR-300027

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