Xray released a new X1 solid rear axle set! The spool axle is made up using a highly precise graphite axle shaft and a clamping design aluminium adapter all of which replace the standard diff assembly for a lighter spool that helps to gain traction especially in high to very high grip conditions. While improving acceleration the spool axle also makes for increased steering in certain track conditions.

Let’s check out it now!

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  • Improves acceleration
  • Improves steering in high traction conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect balance
  • Vibration-free
  • And more..

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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Xray X1 2019 Specs Luxury 1/10 Formula 1 F1 Competition EP Car Kit #XR-370704

Xray X1 2019 Specs Luxury 1/10 Formula 1 F1 Competition EP Car Kit #XR-370704

This is the XRAY X1 2019 Luxury 1/10 F1 Chassis Kit. When it comes to high-competition racing there is absolutely no other Formula car with more outstanding race results and achievements. With national titles around the world from the IIC, ETS & Snowbirds national titles to the World Cup & European Championship titles… the X1 has an astonishingly strong lineup of victories to support the winning heritage of the XRAY X1 platform.

Quick Features:

  • Updated front lower arms redesigned & made from harder material for better durability & front track-width adjustment ability
  • Updated wider arm mount-plate included in the kit allows for front track width adjustment
  • Updated graphite top deck allows adjustment to inline chassis flex
  • Updated alu servo-mount works with new lower adjustable graphite arms
  • Updated alu bulkheads allow for quick & easy ride height adjustment.
  • Updated upper clamps work with new bulkheads
  • And more…

More Xray product on rcMart: https://bit.ly/2SeTiFk

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