Xray announced that the new X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car is coming soon. Based on the ultra-successful X12 platform, XRAY proudly presents the all-new X12 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in high-competition races around the world, and ready out-of-the-box to take you to the Winners’ Circle. Available in two different versions, dubbed the EU and US versions, the latter featuring aluminum in place of much of the carbon for super high traction conditions found stateside.

Let’s check out it now!

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

With XRAY’s no-compromise, high-competition focus, the X12 was split into two different platforms, each optimized for different track conditions out of the box with no extras needed. Whether on low to medium-grip tracks which are typical in Europe, or on super-high grip tracks which are typical in the US, there is an X12 to fit each occasion. Both choices are built on the same core platform with interchangeable parts.

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Both the graphite and aluminum chassis have an all-new design and shape. The chassis was redesigned with a significantly narrower shape and repositioned side link mounting system that ensures that the chassis will minimize drag in high speed corners, improving the steering response and increasing high-speed steering. The chassis includes an updated groove for the new battery backstop for a more secure battery mounting and adjustment in the most frequently-used cross-chassis position.

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Side Link Mounting System.
The all-new chassis is so narrow that a completely new design of the side link mounting system had to be introduced. The new side mounting system features aluminum stands and graphite holders that have two different positions for pod link mounting.

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Front Suspension Brace.
The all-new front suspension brace mounts across the lower suspension arms to help sharpen the steering response, improving the response to driver input upon entry in high speed corners. If the very direct feel is too much for certain track conditions or driver preferences, the brace can be removed for a more forgiving handling characteristic.

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Shock Position.
The all-new front and rear graphite holders for the center shock absorber have new mounting positions, allowing for it to be mounted further back By selecting a longer or shorter shock, the damping and steering characteristics can be changed. The plates allow the shock to be moved front & back to alter how the car enters & exits corners.

Frontward positions:
• Makes the car smoother
• More stable on-power
• Less sensitive to bumps

Rearward positions:
• Increases responsiveness
• Increases on-power steering

Long Shock:
• Shock built WITH adaptor (extension)
• Improves drivability over bumps
• Improves on-power traction

Short Shock:
• ​Shock built WITHOUT adaptor
• Improves steering response
• Quicker direction changes

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Servo Holders.
The all-new servo holders have an additional hole to fit micro servos such as Sanwa SRG-HR and HS, while the standard positions still accommodate the standard 1/12 servo dimensions.

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Suspension Concept.
To utilize the performance potential in various traction conditions, there are two different suspension concepts used on the X12.

The EU Edition includes a standard composite suspension that makes the car predictable and generates more traction.

The US Edition features unique graphite suspension arms that reduces torsional flex of the arms in the corners of very-high traction tracks, making the car more reactive and also stays flatter during cornering.

rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

The front upper arm is now moulded from a specially formulated graphite composite mixture that helps to increase steering and make the car more predictable.

The XRAY self-designed graphite front suspension was specially designed for high-traction US-style tracks. With the stiffer front, the car has more cornering speed while being easier to drive and more consistent in high-traction conditions.

The graphite arm is mounted on aluminum posts which are mounted to the chassis. The holder for the composite front upper arm mount is mounted on the graphite arm as well.

The graphite front suspension was successfully used by the US team to win the US National Championship title.


rcMart, blog, Xray | New X12’20 1/12 Luxury Pan Car – EU & US Editions

Battery Backstops.
The all-new graphite backstop for the cross-chassis battery alignment alternative is stronger than the previous composite brace for a more secure battery retention.

The all-new rear link brace & battery backstop allows for a wider range of battery placement adjustment.

The brace includes two holes into which the adjustable battery backstop is inserted. The battery backstop has 4 positions which allow the batteries to be moved more forward. The distance between each position is 2mm, so in total the battery can be moved up to 6mm more forward.

Quick Features

  • World Championship, ROAR National Championship and EFRA European Championship winning platform
  • All-new narrower chassis minimizes contact with the track surface during cornering
  • All-new side link mounting system via aluminum and graphite holders
  • All-new removable front suspension brace that allows steering response adjustment
  • All-new center shock absorber holders which updates the mounting positions and geometry to improve on-power steering
  • All-new servo holders with extra mounting positions for smaller servos
  • Includes graphite composite front upper arms to increase steering response
  • Includes lighter pod brace holder from graphite composite material to increase consistency and to resist flexing
  • All-new graphite backstop for battery pack in cross-chassis alignment alternative
  • Available in EU edition and US edition each suitable for different track conditions

Coming soon on rcMart, stay tuned for more information.

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